About the House Handyman, LLC.

​​​Your own personal DIY professional

Doran Howard

I retired at the beginning of 2014 but needed something to keep me busy.  I have always enjoyed maintaining my own vehicles, yard equipment and homes.  I learned this the old fashioned way; from my father, a farmer and truck driver.  I learned about construction from an older brother-in-law, who owned his own contracting company.  My father-in-law worked in maintenance for a major airline company and rounded out my education on home repair, basic electricity and plumbing.  Oh yeah, the U.S. Navy taught me everything I'll ever need to know about painting.

I work with my son-in-law who has been in home maintenance for over 30 years.  Darrell has been a professional painter and worked for his father in sheetrock and general construction.  He has worked as a maintianence man for several apartment complexes and rental home management companies.